George, Toronto

“I went through a difficult divorce which involved the valuation of my family business. Annalisa understood the complex nature of my business and was instrumental in getting me a fair valuation and calculation of my business income. My wife and I settled out of court and I believe we both were treated fairly. The whole process was handled calmly and I am still on good terms with my ex.”

Selena, Toronto

“Annalisa came into my life during a very difficult time. Going through a divorce is never pleasant but I was extremely thankful to have her by my side during a time of such high conflict. There was an imbalance of power during the divorce process between myself and my ex-spouse but throughout the entire process, she made sure that my needs were met and that I was taken care of. She was patient with all of my questions, took time to explain anything I didn’t understand and she fought hard to make sure that the end result was fair and just. Annalisa made sure that I knew that I mattered and with several decades worth of experience that she brought to the table, I knew that I was being represented well. Annalisa has a keen eye for detail and nothing gets past her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to the people I care about. There is no one else I would rather have in my corner”

Evelina, Vaughan

“Separation/Divorce has got to be one of the toughest experiences in life. It was for me and Annalisa helped me through it. She helped me keep my head on straight by keeping me focused on what was important and that was my kids. Annalisa is always so welcoming and professional with a wonderful side of warm and friendly and I always left her office feeling hopeful and calm when I so often entered with such dread and despair. Annalisa continues to give me strong, sound advice when I need it and I appreciate it immensely. I’ve referred Annalisa to several friends and family members and will continue to do so.”

Diane, Markham

“Twenty years ago, my dad was a client of Louis Raffaghello. When he became too ill to continue looking after his own affairs and real estate investments, the task fell to me. Never having had to deal with a lawyer before, I feared the task would be daunting. Not so! Louis immediately put me at ease, explaining and often re-explaining matters until I understood. Over the years Louis has continued to guide me and other members of my family in many legal matters, always having our best interests at heart.”

Sebastian, Real Estate Broker, North York

“I’ve been dealing with Louis since 2004, when I got into real estate. He is one of the most knowledgeable real estate lawyers I know and I’ve enjoyed working with him over the last 14 years. “

Mike, Senior Project Manager, Vaughan

“I have been working with Concorde Law for the last few years; engaging Louis and his team has been quite refreshing as they are very efficient, concise and professional. Their effectiveness in providing great advice is imperative and Louis’ hands-on approach is invaluable. Communication and timeliness are key and Concorde Law is most favorable at this.”